Inner Space - In Person and Online activities for the present time.


Located a few minutes walk from Haymarket Railway Station, Edinburgh Inner Space is a place of calm and spiritual nourishment. It provides people with spiritual tools through meditation, courses and seminars.

Inner Space is a meditation and personal development centre managed by the Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University (UK).

All our events are free of charge.

BKWSU (UK) was established as a charity* in 1975. It is able to continue its work because of the contributions made by those who have taken benefit and want others to receive the same. Your contributions are gratefully accepted.

*Registered Charity Nos. SC040512 (Scotland) and 269971 (England & Wales).

Regular online half hour long Meditations are posted (see below for the link) and also on Edinburgh Soundcloud.


Courses and Workshops

There are currently no events scheduled.

Other Upcoming Events

There are currently no events scheduled.

Thought of the Day

Thought for today
Wise Wealth

There are many words for which we have forgotten the meaning - love is one such word, and wealth is another. When we hear or use the word wealth today we immediately conjure images of huge cheques, large properties, five star holidays and the very best in everything. In fact it is this limited form of wealth, measured and defined essentially by money which blocks the realisation and manifestation of true wealth. Every human being is wealthy beyond imagination. But not in their bank accounts.


Every day spin the wheel and enjoy the magic : keeping in mind that quality, see how it colours your thoughts, your environment, your world.

183 Dalry Road, Edinburgh EH11 2EB
+44 131 229 7220