The Brahma Kumaris teach Raja Yoga Meditation

  • Meditation can calm you down, lift your spirits, and give you mastery over your mind and emotions.
  • Meditation can enhance your relationships, allowing you to understand yourself, and the way you interact and communicate with others.
  • Meditation will empower you to adopt new habits and replace unwanted ones.
  • Meditation can help you develop a more positive outlook and help you to find meaning and purpose in life.
  • Meditation allows you to tap into your potential, access your creativity and develop your spirituality.

Regular meditation practice can show you answers to your deepest questions. In Raja Yoga we describe the self/being as a point of light – like a star radiating light. Light is energy, and the energy of the being drives the body. We can think of the brain in the body like the engine of a car – it has immense potential and we might think of food as the fuel that powers that engine. But just as a car cannot function without a driver, so in the same way, the body cannot function without a being to drive it. I am the being in my body, and I am the being that makes this body function.