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અત્યારનો અમૂલ્ય સમયને ઉમંગ, ઉત્સાહ, સ્નેહ અને સાહસથી માણીયે અને વીતી ગયેલી દુઃખદાયી વાતોને વાગોળવાનું બંધ કરીયે.  સર્જનહારની લીલા અને સર્જનની ભવ્યતા વર્તમાનમાંજ માણી ભવિષ્યને ઉજ્જવળ બનાવી લઈએ.  
Let's enjoy the present moment with zeal, enthusiasm, love and courage. Let’s not get caught up in the things of the past. Let’s enjoy the beauty of the present moment and brighten the future.
Professor Chandravadan Choksi, a meditator and a motivational speaker, former principal of an education college in Gujarat has spent his entire career in the field of education. He has trained thousands of young students to become qualified high school teachers. He has deep insights in social, educational, religious, cultural, and spiritual subjects.  
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Passcode: 028551
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